The Chimera Project

I’ve started surfing the web with a new browser. It’s called Chimera, a Mac OS X browser from Mozilla.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay away from Internet Explorer (which itself is a terrific browser on the Mac) but I thought it give something else a try for a while. I’ve already tried other browsers based around Mozilla, like Netscape 7, but I found them either too slow or too buggy.

Chimera is certainly not slow. It renders pages in the blink of an eye and it renders them very nicely.

It has a couple of quirks that will take me a while to get used to but it also has some wonderful features. "Tabbed" browsing is pretty nifty but the feature I’m most glad of is the pop-up killer. The browser can be set to ignore any unwanted JavaScript pop-ups (or unders).

Online advertisers take note: when browsers are built with this kind of functionality built in, that should tell you something.

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