Apple - iMac

The deed is done. I just placed an order at the Apple store for a 17 inch iMac.

This is the largest order I’ve ever placed either on the web or off. It made me very apprehensive to spend so much money in one go.

But hey, I’ve earned it. I’ve been working hard for the last month and this is my reward.

My G3 ruby iMac has served me well for the last two years but it’s starting to show its age. I’ll probably pass it on to my mother. She’s computerless right now but I have a feeling that she’d get a kick out of using email and surfing the web. And what better machine for a complete newbie than a Mac?

The 17 inch iMac (beefed up with some extra RAM) should satisfy me for quite some time to come. Once I get over the weird and hitherto unknown experience of spending so much money on something, I’ll be able to get excited and start counting the days ‘till it arrives.

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