Residence permits and Mac OS X

Today was a good mail day.

First of all, there was a package for Jessica. It was from the Home Office.

This is something we had been both dreading and eagerly awaiting. It would either mean that Jessica could live freely in England or that she’d have to get out of the country, pronto.

Luckily it was the former.

So Jessica is now entitled to reside in the UK (as long as I’m here, that is). Yay!

We had to send both of our passports away when Jessica applied for this. It was strange to feel so trapped - we couldn’t leave the country. Well, now we’ve got our passports back. I feel like we should celebrate with a trip overseas or something.

In the excitement, a second package was almost overlooked. It was for me. It was from Apple. It was my upgrade to OS X.1.

It is one sweet operating system.

I’ve been using OS X on my iBook for the last few months. It’s good but it is a mite slow and I’ve had some problems connecting with my iMac.

Well, OS X.1 solves all those problems. It’s very smooth indeed.

Best of all, I’ve finally been able to get PHP up and running on it. This is one of the most exciting things about OS X for me. Being able to test scripts without having to be online all the time, FTPing stuff up and down - that’s a new experience for me.

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