When I got up yesterday morning, Jessica asked me if had dreamt nice dreams.

This isn’t something she normally asks. Slightly puzzled, I answered quite truthfully that I couldn’t remember what I had dreamt.

“Why do you ask”, I added.

“Because”, she replied, “in the middle of the night, you quite clearly and distinctly said: ‘Wow!’”.

That must have been some dream. And I have no idea what it was.

I have a theory, though. I may have had a precognitive dream and experienced the arrival of my new iMac in my sleeping state one night before it arrived.

This theory makes sense because the next day when I took my new iMac out of its box, my exact thought was “Wow!”.

I’m in heaven. This 17 inch movable screen has to be experienced to be believed.

All my applications and documents were backed up onto my iBook so I’ve had a relatively painless time getting the iMac up and running with all my MP3s, photos and websites.

The real clincher came when I installed Photoshop 7 and opened up some graphics files. The speed, the size and quality of the display…


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