Days of science and hacking

I’ve got some tasty science announcements. Of course anything I have to say is going to be upstaged by today’s revelation about Mars. Those NASA showboaters.

Anyway, here’s Ariel’s keynote from OSCON in Portland last week.

Science Hack Day took centre-stage. Ariel has put together instructions for creating a Science Hack Day in your city. The front page of the wiki now contains a list of places where people are hoping to coordinate an event.

If you want to help make a Science Hack Day happen in Portland, get in touch with rocketeer Nathan Bergey—the science hacker behind the brilliant ISS Notify lamp.

Live in Cape Town? Want a Science Hack Day? Get in touch with ex-pat Dutch astronomer Carolina Ödman.

If you want to help make a Science Hack Day happen in San Diego, get in touch with biologist Jun Yin—the science hacker behind wearable DNA.

It looks like there’s quite a lot of interest in organising a Science Hack Day in Dublin to coincide with the Dublin City Of Science event in 2012. Get in touch with Ellen Byrne if you want to be involved.

Those are just a few. There are many more.

One event that’s definitely going ahead is another Science Hack Day San Francisco on November 12th and 13th. If last year’s event at the Institute For The Future is anything to go by, this will be unmissable.

And you can go.

No, really. In a Steve Jobsian style “just one more thing” addendum to her OSCON keynote, Ariel announced that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is providing a grant to fund the Science Hack Day Ambassador Program:

Thanks to this generous support, 10 people interested in organizing a Science Hack Day from around the world will be selected to win a scholarship for a trip to Science Hack Day San Francisco, occurring November 12-13, 2011, where they’ll experience first-hand how Science Hack Day works and connect with a global community of organizers. This Science Hack Day Ambassador Program will award individuals who are motivated and planning to organize a Science Hack Day in their city.

To apply, start organising a Science Hack Day in your city and then fill in the application form. The scholarship will cover airfare, four nights in a hotel and $300 for expenses. Ten lucky ambassadors will be winging their way to the bay area this November.

It’s time to get excited and make things with science in your corner of this pale blue dot.

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