Wireless in Seattle

I’m in Seattle and I’m blogging wirelessly from a Starbucks.

This would be a wonderful experience if T-Mobile hadn’t made it so damn infuriating.

I signed up for their pay-as-you-go wireless service and then logged on via my browser using my new username and password. After surfing around for a bit, I began to wonder how I would log off. I finally found the answer buried in their troubleshooting section. It said that there should be a pop-up window with the log-off link in it.

Now, my web browser, like me, hates pop-up windows so there was no link for me to log off.

I tried disconnecting from the network by turning off my airport card. No luck. I had to restart the iBook.

How stupid is that?

Anyway, I’ll grit my teeth and allow pop-up windows to be spawned for the duration of my stay in Seattle. I don’t have any choice. (Oh, and the default log-in page for the T-Mobile service also abuses JavaScript to maximise my browser window. Grrr…)

Apart from that, Seattle is just peachy.

The flight here was nice and empty. Jessica and I left Tucson at an uncomfortably early time but that means we now have the whole day to explore Seattle. We just need to combat our tiredness with plenty of coffee, of which there is no shortage here.

While exploring the wonderful Pike Place market, I heard the unmistakable sound of a folk-singer strumming his guitar. He sounded like Jim Page, a very talented songwriter whose concerts in Ireland have always been memorable.

I thought to myself "Hmmm… Jim Page lives in Seattle. I wonder?"

Sure enough, it was the man himself.

I listened to a few of his songs and then had a chat with him. He was extremely pleased to meet someone from so far afield who knew his material.

He gave me a copy of his new CD. What a nice guy. What a nice place.

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