iChat country

I just had a chat with Jamie from Message where we went from the Pixies to EmmyLou Harris in just a few degrees of separation.

"Is your iTunes telling the world you’re playing the Pixies?"

"Yes. There’s a neat little app called iChatStatus that grabs the current song from iTunes."

"Ah. I like the Pixies. Cool."

"Dude, the Pixies, like, rocked."

"They like todally invented Nirvana!"

"Totally… hey, I just got hold of Frank Black’s latest solo album. I like it a lot - it has a touch of country to it."

"Good! Today I’ve listened to: Willy Nelson, LeAnne Rimes (yikes!) and a tribute to Gram Parsons. Country (rock) rocks!"

"Ohh.. tribute to Gram Parsons; that sounds good. Gram Parsons, like, totally rocks my country world."

"I only tried him out very recently. Had a day where he got mentioned alot so played a couple of albums Jo had of his. I’m an EmmyLou Harris fan so it fit quite well."

"Yeah, EmmyLou Harris is great. When she and Gram Parsons get together, ‘tis a joy to behold."

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