CSS round-up

It’s been a busy week for Cascading StyleSheets.

The big news is that the ESPN website has been redesigned with CSS. Mighty fine it looks too although if you visit using a browser that doesn’t kill pop-ups, you’ll be playing hit the gopher with some extra spawned windows.

Meanwhile, Todd Dominey has been trying to come up with a good way of adding footers to pages using CSS. I’ve been trying to help out as best I can.

When Todd reported on the ESPN makeover, it prompted a classic "why bother?" discussion on standards. Hearing that the ESPN website rendered fastest in Safari, one pundit commented:

"Look ? Safari could be the fatest, coolest standards-based browser in the world. Who really cares?"

This was nicely rebutted by the man behind the ESPN redesign himself:

"Care to guess how much money we spent for QA to make sure our site worked in Safari?

If you guessed $0.00, you are correct."

That’s the beauty of coding to standards. Your pages are future-proofed for any standards-compliant browsing device.

Meanwhile, closer to home, I’ve been tweaking the mark-up and stylesheets right here at adactio.

The site navigation is now, correctly, contained in a list. So, if things look a little weird to you, a quick page refresh should sort it out.

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