Build it and they will come

I attended a meeting of fellow Brighton-based geeks and coders yesterday.

The plan is to build an open source Content Management System.

We certainly won’t be building anything near the size of Josephine, the soon-to-be-released enterprise system from local dot communists, The Runtime Collective. Oli from The Runtime Collective did attend the meeting and filled us in on their plans for global domination.

We want to build something more than a ‘blog but less than Josephine.

I’ll probably be doing the front-end integration. My back-end coding skills pale in comparison to those of real coders.

Still, all this talk of an open source CMS made me think again about the little self-penned system I have here at adactio. It works pretty well (except for last night when something went out of whack for no discernable reason). I like the fact that it’s built around XML rather than relying on a database.

Maybe I should streamline it a bit, make it more portable and offer it up to anyone who’s interested.

Thus, I would increase my coding skills and my karma points at the same time.

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