School says Bible permits smacking

The debate surrounding corporal punishment has flared up again here in England.

Corporal punishment is outlawed in schools. But now, a group of private "Christian" schools wants to be allowed to beat children.

Their justification? Why, it’s all in the Bible, of course! You know, that stuff about sparing the rod and spoiling the child.

I’m reminded of that line from The Merchant Of Venice:

"The devil can cite scripture for his own purpose".

Now, I’m not denying that the bible says these things. But whenever the bible is used to justify some course of action, nobody ever mentions a fairly obvious counterpoint: the Bible is full of s**t.

I’m not trying to be deliberately inflammatory, here. The Bible is also full of some great advice (and oodles of gratuitous sex and violence). But, it is (particularly in the Old Testament) full of s**t.

As an example of why the Bible is not a very good book to quote from when you need justification for your actions, take a look at this rebuttal to Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s citation of Leviticus 18:22.

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