Where's my flying car?

Now I know I’m living in the future.

When I come home, my computer speaks to me, telling me how many new emails I have.

Listening to iTunes, I can control the volume, skip between songs and search for specific songs even when I’m lazing on the bed on the other side of the room.

The secret behind this devilry is Bluetooth. More specifically, Bluetooth plus my Sony Ericsson T68i plus a USB Bluetooth adapter plus Sony Ericsson Clicker.

I got the adapter yesterday. Uploading all my contacts and calendars from my Mac was fairly straightforward.

The adapter came with instructions for various operating systems. Different flavours of windows required 5 to 6 steps to set up the machine for Bluetooth. The instructions for Mac OS X consisted of one step: put the adapter in the USB port.

The real fun started once I downloaded Sony Ericsson Clicker. There’s something very futuristic about controlling a computer from a ‘phone. Why can’t all technology be as cool as this? Why aren’t we all living on the moon driving flying cars?

I used the Sony Ericsson T68i as a remote control while watching a DVD last night. But more on that anon…

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