Responsive Day Out updates

The Responsive Day Out is just seven weeks away. That’s only 49 sleeps!

Alas, Malarkey has had to drop out. Sad face. But, I’ve managed to find another talented web geek from Corby: Tom Maslen of Responsive News fame. Happy face!

Here’s another bit of news: there will be an after-party. Rejoice! Thanks to the generosity of the fine people behind Gridset—that would be Mark Boulton Design then—we’ll be heading to The Loft on Ship Street in the evening to have a few drinks and a good ol’ chinwag. That’s where Remy had the Full Frontal after-party and I thought it worked really, really well. Instead of shouting over blaring music, you could actually have a natter with people.

Many, many thanks to Gridset for making this possible.

In other news of generosity, Drew has offered to work his podcasting magic. Thank you, Drew! And Craig has very kindly offered to record and host video of the event, made possible with sponsorship from Mailchimp. Thank you, Craig! Thank you, Mailchimp!

And get this: A Book Apart are also getting behind the day and they’ll be sending on some books that I plan to give away to attendees who ask questions during the discussiony bits. Thank you, my friends apart!

I could still do with just one more sponsor: I’d really like to hire out the Small Batch coffee cart for the day, like we did at dConstruct. There will be coffee and tea available from the Dome bar anyway, but the coffee is pretty awful. Even though the Responsive Day Out is going to be a very shoestring, grassroots affair, I’d still like to maintain some standards. So if you know of a company that might be interested in earning the gratitude of a few hundred web geeks, let them know about this (it’s around a grand to caffeinate a conference worth of geeks for a day).

If you’ve got your ticket, great; I look forward to seeing you on March 1st. If you don’t; sorry. And before you ask, no, I’m afraid there is no waiting list. We’re not doing any refunds or transfers—if someone with a ticket can’t make it, they can simply give (or sell) their ticket to someone else. We won’t be making any lanyards so we don’t need to match up people to name badges.

So keep an eye on Twitter (especially closer to the day) in case anyone with a ticket is planning to bail.

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