Accessibility statement

I’ve updated the “About” section of this site to include a brief accessibility statement.

It mostly covers the accesskeys available for adactio. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants here; Richard Rutter did all the research and Mark Pilgrim provided the template for my accessibility statement.

I used to have accesskeys implemented according to the first letter of each section, (“J” for “Journal”, “P” for “Portfolio”, etc.) but I’m all for standardisation in these kinds of things so now I’m following the pack and just using numbers.

On the subject of capitalising on other people’s hard work, I’ve added an extra little link to the “Music” box in my journal. It’s Mac only, I’m afraid, but once Todd Dominey showed how to link to items in the iTunes Music Store, I thought it was too good to pass up. If you’re a Mac user and you click on the “iTunes Music Store” link, your copy of iTunes will do a search for the last song I listened to.

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