Random New Media Company Generator

I’ve noticed a trend in the naming conventions of local New Media companies (although I’m sure this trend applies beyond the boundaries of Brighton & Hove).

Companies tend to have very functional sounding names like "Internet Solutions Development Inc" or else they go for a more wacky, off-the-wall name that usually consists of juxtaposing say, a colour with an animal e.g. "Red Monkeys".

I was in the mood for some light-hearted procrastination last night so I came up with…

The Random New Media Company Generator.

As well as generating a random name, it also shows a logo and a buzzword-laden tagline. Refresh the page for a new company every time.

I’ve seeded the generator with some adjectives and nouns from some actual companies so any resemblance to is not purely coincidental and should be inferred.

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