Client horror stories

I can relate to these tales of terror from the world of web design.

Griff at Ultramicroscopic tells of being told to "just build" this:

"a piece of shit scribbled on a bedside hotel scratch pad devoid of any ties to reality at 3am after a 14 martini, ass kissing bender with a client representative nick-named "the human sponge" that has absolutely no authority to make any spending decision over $50."

Meanwhile, Brian at OP/EDit comes to the realisation that many people don’t understand what "form follows funtion" actually means:

"If 99% of what a person does on a website is read, then wouldn’t the function of the site be to make it as reader friendly as possible? And if form does follow function, then wouldn’t every design decision be based upon a single uncompromising premise: make access to your information as easy as possible?"

Fight the good fight, guys. Otherwise we’ll end up with things like this:

The absolute worse use of Flash I have ever seen in my life from a website that dares to name itself Web Usability.

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