I gave my SkillSwap talk on CSS based design last night. I had been preparing for it for a while which is why my journal entries have been somewhat sporadic of late.

It went down pretty well. The reaction on the Brighton New Media mailing list this morning has been very positive.

One of the highIights of for me was finally getting to meet both Pete Barr-Watson and Richard Rutter in meatspace. Pete was actually blogging and taking pictures with his mobile ‘phone at the event.

Speaking of mobile ‘phones, my Sony Ericsson T68i did a nice job of acting as a remote control apart from losing the bluetooth connection once or twice.

I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say but as it turned out, the talk actually lasted longer than the allotted three hours. By that time, my throat was parched and a bunch of us retired to The Pond for some jigs’n’reels and a frosty beverage.

Now the really hard work begins; organising my notes into a nice web-friendly format and posting them up here.

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