Cameras are kryptonite to Starbucks

I had no idea when this picture was taken that I was opening myself up to a potential tirade from a Starbucks manager. Lawrence Lessig has the story:

"Last month while visiting Charleston, three women went into a Starbucks. They were spending the weekend together and one of them had a disposable camera with her. To commemorate their time with one and other they decided to take round robin pictures while sitting around communing. The manager evidently careened out of control, screaming at them, "Didn’t they know it was illegal to take photographs in a Starbucks." She insisted that she had to have the disposable camera because this was an absolute violation of Starbuck’s copyright of their entire ‘environment’ - that everything in the place is protected and cannot be used with Starbuck’s express permission."

Now Lawrence Lessig is wondering what would happen if we turned this weekend into “Take Pictures In A Starbucks” weekend.

If you really want to send them ballistic, attempt to film Anil Dash talking to an actress from The Sopranos about blogs. Just watch as the manager uncorks a bottle of freak-out.

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