Proud work

I’ve been updating my portfolio with some sites I’ve worked on recently. All of them are table-free, valid XHTML/CSS pieces of work.

Now, quite often, they don’t necessarily stay valid. As soon as my babies leave my caring hands they are at the mercy of others who may or may not insert some piece of non-validating mark-up.

The site for G2Blue for example, that I made quite a while ago, now contains some <meta> tags that are missing their closing slashes as well as a footer that includes the "target" attribute. These are small parts of the pages but they make all the difference when it comes to validating the site.

The site for Tapestry Holidays that I worked on a while back is about half/half. The validation problems in that case mostly stem from mark-up being held in the database; unencoded quotes and ampersands; stuff like that.

Static brochure sites tend to stand a higher chance of keeping their mark-up in a state of grace. The site for Anikti and the low-fat version of Motionpath’s site are (touch wood) as pure as the day I handed them over.

One of my favourite recent pieces of work is the site for IN Partnership. I’m pleased that it has remained valid even after being released into the wild. I’m also pretty pleased with how the design turned out. Mostly though, I’m pleased that I managed to sneak some of my own photography into the site.

I just couldn’t find enough good stock photography so I started rifling through my iPhoto collection. Hence, this picture of me in suit being used to illustrate a site about Independent Financial Authorities.

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