Safari 1.0

It’s funny, but with all the big announcements from Apple about super-fast computers and nifty video-conferencing cameras, the thing that I’m most excited about is the release of Safari version 1.0.

I feel like popping some champagne corks. True to his word, Dave Hyatt has got "overflow: auto" working flawlessly. Just check out the hi-tech theme to see it in action.

Unfortunately, I’ve also found a little rendering bug with the new version of Safari. On longer pages over at The Session, the background image only tiles as far as the visible window. A bug report is winging its way to the tireless Safari development team.

Still, despite niggling details like this, Safari’s real strength is its standards-compliance.

And speed. Two strengths.

The two strengths of Safari are its standards-compliance, speed and ease of use.

Three! The three strengths… no… amongst the strengths of Safari are such elements as standards compliance, speed…

I’ll come in again.

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