My trip to Dublin has been a blast so far.

The flight over was short and uneventful, just the way I like it. Jessica and I took a bus into the city centre and proceeded to kill some time till my friend Diarmaid got off work.

We had lunch at The Bad Ass Cafe in Temple Bar and then went over to Trinity College which was an oasis of calm in the middle of an otherwise noisy and bustling city.

We went to the old library to see the Book Of Kells, a truly astonishing piece of work. The whole exhibition had a real "Canticle For Leibowitz" feel to it.

I was expecting the Book Of Kells to be wonderful but what came as a surprise was walking into The Long Room of Trinity College library. It’s a tall and, as the name suggests, long room filled with the oldest books in the library and lined with busts.

If you decide to visit The Long Room, you may, like me, be overwhelmed with a strange feeling of familiarity. That’s because the Jedi library in Attack Of The Clones is architecturally identical to The Long Room at Trinity.

a screenshot from Star Wars

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