Gone fishing.

After bidding farewell to Dublin with a trip to Guinness brewery, Jessica and I caught the train down to Cobh.

Since then, we’ve been taking it easy. The weather has been very Irish; warm sunshine and heavy downpours of rain, all within the space of a few minutes.

This evening, as we were strolling along the waterfront, we passed some local lads fishing for mackerel. It looked like they were having a fairly easy time of it. Shoals of mackerel were literally jumping out of the water. They were being fished out, six to a line.

After a little bit of embarrassed haggling with the young fisherman (nobody was quite sure what such an easy catch should cost), we left with four fresh, juicy mackerel.

We took them home and proceeded to behead, gut and fillet the fish. The first few attempts were fairly messy but by the fourth fish, we were producing some fairly decent filets.

I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.

a young fisherman hauling in his catch

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