Sunshine and wireless

It’s another beautiful day in Brighton.

I’m sitting in Riki Tik’s where I’ve just been having a good ol’ chinwag with Pete Barr-Watson. I’ve been helping him with some of the CSS on his site.

I’ve also been geeking out, admiring his cool toys. He came back from Japan with some nifty stuff like a tiny but powerful camera and 12" Apple Powerbook… with a Japanese keyboard (how cool is that?).

Of course he also had his mobile ‘phone with camera attached with which he took an unflattering picture of me.

We talked about Japan, Moblogging, iChat and cameras. He’s just about convinced me that I need to get an iSight. Now all I have to is convince everyone else to do the same.

I’ve already played around with the audio in iChat, which was very impressive if somewhat weird. Talking to a computer screen without anything to focus on feels kind of strange.

Great application all ‘round, though. Perhaps even a "killer app".

Don’t believe the hype? Here’s a glimpse of the future.

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