Ego boosting

There’s a great interview with Eric Meyer over at DMX Zone.

Any interview with the CSS guru is always worth reading. This one has reader-submitted questions.

I particularly like Eric’s answer to this question sent in by Matt Mills:

"Who, in your opinion, are the most exciting, cutting-edge, web professionals at work today?"

Eric’s response:

"Dave Shea, Doug Bowman, and Jeremy Keith are the three names that come immediately to mind.  They’re all three showing us how lean, validating mark-up and CSS can deliver great visual design using half (or less) the bytes of old-school HTML-driven layout, and yield highly accessible and multi-medium documents in the process. They’re also making it abundantly clear that CSS-driven design doesn’t all have to look the same."

Aw, shucks.

Just watch as my ego inflates in direct proportion to my blushing.

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