Hove rocks

Anyone from ‘round here will tell you that the city of Brighton & Hove is split between the hip, sleazy Brighton and the posh, old Hove (actually).

Personally, I think that some of Brighton’s hipness is rubbing off on the population of Hove.

I spent the entire day yesterday in a studio in Hove with Salter Cane, recording a song. The other band members and myself got on a bus in the morning to get there. I guess it was pretty clear that we were in a band, laden down as we were with instruments and amps. As we were alighting from the bus, an elderly, grey-haired lady who was also getting off at the same stop asked me:

"Are you going to a gig or have you just played?"

"Um…", I replied. "We’re going into the studio, actually."

She nodded and said:

"It’s nice to see some life around here."

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