I’m in the States. Baltimore, to be precise.

The flight over was a breeze. Compared to the usual long-haul to Phoenix, the pond-hopper to Dulles was child’s play. Jessica and I lucked out with the in-flight movies. X-Men 2 and Finding Nemo on the same flight; what are the odds?

Dan picked us up at the airport. We stepped outside into the warm, muggy Washington air - quite a change from the breezy day we had left behind in England.

When we got to Baltimore we headed straight for a diner, the Sip’n’Bite, where I had my first Maryland crab soup of the weekend. It’s a delicious, hearty stock of which the city can be justifiably proud.

Today was spent in tourist mode. Jessica, Dan and I strolled down to Fell’s Point (where I had another Maryland crab soup), hopped on a harbour taxi and took pictures of the Constellation, the Chesapeake lightship and other ships moored in the harbour.

When we stopped off for a refreshing iced coffee at The Daily Grind cafe, I took the opportunity to record Dan’s Baltimore accent - a source of merriment for me.

So, for your multimedia entertainment, I present a picture of me tucking into a cup of Maryland crab soup and Dan saying the words "pickin’ bones" (a phrase unconnected to my ingestion of said soup).

me eating crab soup

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