Bad designer, no iPod

It looks like I won’t be getting an iPod after all.

Congratulations to Ronan on creating a crisp, clear design for Ben Hammersley.

I guess my design didn’t cut the mustard. At least, I hope that’s the reason that I didn’t win. The thing is, I never received any confirmation from Ben at all that he even received my submission.

Although Ben listed the submissions he had received, he made no mention of my entry (hence the comment in his blog from me). I sent two emails, the second one being a somewhat worried and nervous plea for a sign of life. Still, I got no response.

Oh, well. I guess he’s a busy guy, what with running marathons and all. But I would like to know if I was even in the running for that iPod.

Now I have to come up with an alternate plan. Maybe I should sit on a street corner with a sign saying "Will code CSS for Apple gadgets".

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