Laptop lamentation

I had a horrible experience today. My mobile world literally came crashing down around me.

I was over at Message doing some coding on my iBook. Coming out of the iBook were my USB Bluetooth adapter, a firewire cable to my iSight, an ethernet cable and, of course, a a power cable.

It was that last one that I tripped over in my PHP-induced excited haste.

The iBook and its attachments came crashing to the floor. The laptop hit the ground upside-down and the screen bore the brunt of the impact. My gravity-assisted tug was too much for it. The screen casing popped.

It looked really bad.

You can imagine how I was feeling. To say I was upset would be putting it mildy.I also wanted to give myself a good kick up the backside for being such an idiot.

After I calmed down and examined the damage in more detail, I realised it wasn’t as bad as I had first feared. It was bad but it wasn’t the end of the road for my resilient little companion.

Although the screen casing, and possibly the hinge, are totalled, the screen itself, along with all the sensitive electronics inside the iBook, seem to be just fine. The vessel was harmed but the inner flame appears to be still burning. The laptop still works despite its disfigurement.

Perhaps I’m luckier than I deserve.

I got on the ‘phone to Apple and they quoted me a reasonable sounding price for fixing the casing. They’ll pick it up in a few days and whisk it away to the iHospital or wherever it is that broken Macs go to get fixed.

I hope my diagnosis is correct and that this can be quickly and easily dealt with.

If not, I’ll start enlisting volunteers to give me that kick up the backside.

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