Things To Do In Brighton When You're Dead

Make some coffee.

Wait for the UPS guy to show up with a box for your sick iBook.

Trawl through some RSS feeds.

Have some fun with the news headlines.

Answer the door when the UPS guy shows up. Hand over your sick iBook. Immediately start fretting about your sick iBook. Is it safe?

Trawl through some more RSS feeds.

Make some PDF versions of the newly released short stories by Cory Doctorow.

Take your dirty clothes to the launderette.

Have some lunch.

Go to the Post Office and send your friend Dan some Zirtec because he, by virtue of living in America, can only get relief from his allergies by scratching and lobbying Congress to allow anti-histamines like Zirtec to be sold over the counter.

Pick up your clean clothes from the launderette.

Hack together some Applescripts for iChatStatus so that as well uploading a file to your website showing what iTunes track you’re listening to, it also changes your buddy icon to the album artwork.

Trawl through RSS feeds again.

Read about the death of Warren Zevon.

Write a journal entry.

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