It's alive!

I have my iBook back!

Please excuse the preponderance of exclamation marks but I’m obviously very excited about this. I’m also really impressed with the turnaround time.

I sent the iBook off on Monday around noon. It arrived back today, Wednesday, around noon. That’s pretty darn fast.

I guess it was a simple matter of replacing the screen casing. I can tell that they replaced, rather than repaired, the casing because it now sports the old-style serif typeface on the front rather than the newer sans-serif typeface that was there when I sent it off.

So my laptop is whole once more. Hallelujah!

Actually, I was kind of hoping that it was going to come back with improved Wi-Fi reception. Since even before the accident, my reception seems to suffer in proportion to how far back I push the screen. The upshot of this is that I can only get decent reception when the screen is tilted forward an impractical angle.

I have no idea why this would be the case or why the problem only began manifesting itself in recent months. Googling the subject turns up nothing but praise for the iBook’s Wi-Fi reception.

Oh, well. Maybe that’s the kind of thing that will be covered in the warranty (as opposed to my idiocy which caused the more serious problem with the screen casing).

Anyway, I don’t mean to grumble. I’m happy as happy can be to have a slightly battered but, wireless reception problems aside, fully functional iBook back in my possession.

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