Tony comes to Brighton

Tony Blair was in Brighton today for the Labour party conference. Here’s the full text of his speech. It’s pretty stirring stuff although mentioning Europe right now smacks a little of opportunism. Overall, a good speech from a great speaker.

The last time Tony Blair was in Brighton was when he was due to deliver a speech at the TUC conference. That was on the eleventh of September.

September 11th, like the JFK assasination, is one of those days that everyone will recall, remembering exactly where they were and what they were doing.

My friend Chris was on the train on his way back from work in Worthing. When the train pulled in to Brighton station, Chris saw that a platform was sealed off and a cavalcade was pulling up alongside a train bound for London. Chris asked an employee at the station who it was.

"That’s the Prime Minister".

Walking back to the house, seeing people crowded around radios and televisions in cafès and bars, Chris soon found out exactly why Tony Blair was returning to London without having delivered his speech.

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