Drunken rock star assaulted aircraft crew, court told

Peter Buck has been known to behave a bit oddly in the past (he spent most of 1995 getting drunk in his dressing gown). Still, I always thought he was something of a gentle giant at heart.

According to a witness at his air-rage trial, he’s far more eccentric than I’ve been giving him credit for:

"The court heard he became stuck between two seats before he was pulled free, while he also managed to cover himself and the cabin services manager with a tub full of sticky yoghurt."

"Buck mistook the hostess trolley for a CD player as he drunkenly tried to insert a disc into it and also overturned the trolley, sending a pile of crockery, honey, cereals and milk flying across the floor. "

Can you imagine what the cleaning staff on that airplane must have thought?

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