Lost In DNS Translation

I bet Sofia Coppola really wanted to have Jessica’s domain name for her new movie.

Still, if any fans of the movie mistype the domain name by leaving out the hyphens, at least they’ll land at a genuine website. If they mistype the domain name in some other way, they’re likely to end up at Verisign’s cybersquatting page.

The implications of Verisign’s actions are gigantic. Some people have already weighed in with their problems caused by the DNS change:

“This means that the basic “sender domain does not resolve” check in Sendmail and many other mail server software is now obsolete because any .net and .com now resolves. This will open the internet up to more spam.”

Verisign seem determined to abuse their position and power at every opportunity. In any other walk of life this kind of abuse would be illegal. Unfortunately, Verisign are the ones making the rules.

Bear in mind that this applies to all possible .com and .net domains. These are international TLDs. They should be under international control. They should certainly not be in the hands of a greedy, monopolistic, incompetent bunch of cybersquatters.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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