I’m feeling a bit fragile today after a somewhat hedonistic night out.

Yesterday evening I got a call from Catherine, the drummer in my band, to say that she was on the guest list (plus two) for a concert by New York hip young things, The Rapture. Jessica and I accepted her invitation and we all headed down to the seafront venue.

When we got there, we had "Access All Areas" stickers slapped on us and in we went. The Rapture turned out to be pretty darn cool. Very 80s but good fun.

Afterwards, we took full advantage of our privileged status to go backstage and steal their beer.

This liberated beer was then transported to a club in town where local psychogrungeretrorockers The Guillotines were playing. Being at a Guillotines gig is like living a Tom Waits song so naturally more drink was flowing.

We ended the evening back at Catherine’s place listening to Dean Martin records. An altogether civilised way to end a night of raucousness.

live music at Concorde 2

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