Updates abound

A List Apart is back! But you probably knew that already.

Speaking of great things returning in new and improved form…

Everyone’s been talking about the recent port of iTunes to Windows but Apple have just announced some truly great updates to their hardware product range: G4 iBooks.

That’s a heck of a lot of bang for very little buck.

Mind you, I’ve never found performance to be a problem with my trusty old G3 iBook. It’s proving to be a rock solid Apache/PHP/MySQL developing environment while I’m working on a big project over at Message.

To stop myself hunching over its little keyboard for eight hours a day, I’ve got the laptop sitting on top of a handy, um… "thing" with an external keyboard and mouse attached.

Is there a word for that thing? Platform? Riser? Robotic arm?

an iBook atop a thing

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