Do I have to draw a picture?

I always feel a little funny when I write here about watching DVDs and other domestic activities. After all, many of you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit my humble abode (but if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, do drop by).

To remedy this situation, I’ve put together a simple diagram of my living quarters, or at least the parts involved with work and leisure.

Jessica and I live in a pretty small flat. We have a separate kitchen and bathroom but our bedroom doubles up as a home office our respective freelancing businesses.

The left side of the room is the work area. It’s dominated by a wooden desk supporting our iMacs. I sit at one end of the desk (bottom left of diagram) and Jessica sits at the other (top left).

The right side of the room is the sleeping/relaxing/leisure area. Or, to use a more common term, bed.

The flat is kind of cramped but the commute to work is extremely short.

When the working day is over, my 17" iMac doubles up as home cinema system. This transformation is achieved by swiveling the screen around 90 degrees so that it now faces the bed.

With the magic of Bluetooth (specifically Salling Clicker, a Sony Ericsson T68i and a USB Bluetooth adaptor), I can control the DVD playing software from the other side of the room. Apart from inserting the disc to begin with, I don’t have to move from my comfy couch potato heaven.

If I do decide to bring my work home with me, so to speak, I can have my iBook with me on the bed connected wirelessly to the internet (the iBook, not the bed). I don’t often engage in this kind of multi-tasking though: mixing business and pleasure and all that.

The other device that completes this unholy alliance of networking protocols is the iSight camera connected via FireWire to the iMac. While I’m watching a movie, it’s snapping a picture every thirty seconds and uploading it to this site. Just because.

That concludes this special geek edition of Cribs.

an aerial diagram of my room showing USB, Bluetooth, FireWire and WiFi devices

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