I’m back in Brighton. I’m over the worst of the jet lag and back into the routine of work, band practice and wet weather.

During my stay in Arizona, I didn’t take quite as many pictures as I normally do. I have, however, been organising the photos I already have.

My iPhoto spring cleaning was prompted by seeing what a great job my mother-in-law has done with her iBook. She switched to the Mac last time I was visiting and since then she has becoming an iPhoto pro: organising pictures into albums, adding titles and comments, burning CDs and, with the acquisition of a rather nifty printer, printing out 4x6 photos.

iPhoto is notoriously slow at scrolling large-sized photo libraries so I’ve been using a neat little app called iPhoto Library Manager to switch between smaller sized photo libraries that I’ve organised by year going back to 2001.

Of course, now it looks Apple have fixed the slow scrolling problem in iPhoto. It was only a matter of time.

Some of the other Macworld iLife announcements look quite interesting too. Garageband in particular looks like just the incentive I need to finally get down to doing some home recording. I think I’ll be investing in an iMic to plug my bouzouki into.

I know some people were disappointed by the lack of any new hardware announcements at Macworld. Personally, I think Apple are doing the right thing by focusing on powerful, cheap, easy to use “digital hub” apps. If my mother-in-law’s experience is anything to go by, it’s an area where the Mac beats Windows hands-down.

Anyway… the coolest new piece of hardware for the Mac isn’t even made by Apple.

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