Rock'n'roll dreams

It is with a certain glee that I have been forcing friends and colleagues attempt the "spot the head replacement" game with the band pictures I put online.

If anybody is still trying to solve the puzzle, look away now because I’m about to reveal the culprit…






It was in this picture and it’s Catherine, the drummer, on the left.

In related news, it turns out that I don’t have to dream about Salter Cane becoming successful because Guy Carberry is dreaming for me:

"Want to hear something weird? I work at the Open University in Milton Keynes. We’ve got loads of clubs etc for staff here and on of them I belong to is a CD Library. Well, last night I dreampt that I loaned out a Salter Cane CD with a Nick Drake CD (we’re only able to loan two at a time). I could picture the Salter Cane one perfectly - packaged in one of those cardboard sleeves that are much better than the plastic jewel case. The design was similar to that on you band site too.

I remember thinking (in my dream) - this is odd, didn’t know this existed. I’d already downloaded the four tracks available from the site but was pleased to see that the CD was a full album."

Cool! If only dreams came true. *sigh*

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Salter Cane will be playing a concert in Brighton’s Pressure Point on January 26th.

In preparation for this, and spurred on by my recent bout of Photoshop fever, I whipped up a design for a flyer last night, printed it out and photocopied it this morning, and spent this afternoon depositing bundles of paper in the cafes of the North Laine in Brighton.

The concert is at a fairly big venue and, as the headlining band, we need to get all the bodies in there that we can. If you’re in Brighton on the night of the 26th, be there or be a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles.

a concert flyer for Monday, January 26th at The Pressure Point, Brighton

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