The blog entry that wasn't

Things have been very quite here in my online journal lately.

Generally, when a blog falls silent for a while, it’s safe to infer that the signal loss is due to a corresponding increase in offline activity. That’s partly the case here. I’ve been very, very busy at work.

But fate, it seems, is also conspiring against me.

I was going to link to a series of old but very useful Photoshop tutorials over at Apple’s website that Andy pointed out to me. When it came time to blog them though, there was nothing left but a 404 page.

I was also going to link to a site that ripped off Andy’s design but the offending pages have since been removed.

Then I was going to write about an amusing quip of Andy’s when we were having a debate on the merits of finding out something on Google versus just finding it in the real world. I said:

“I’m not arguing against empiricism.”

To which he replied:

“Prove it.”

But then I realised that it was only amusing in that funny-at-the-time, maybe-you-had-to-be-there kind of way.

So yesterday, I thought I would simply write about my day. On closer inspection however, it turned out that I spent yesterday doing precisely the same things I did last Saturday: I photocopied flyers in preparation for tomorrow’s Salter Cane concert and handed them out in cafes and bars.

Which brings us to this Seinfeldian entry. It’s worse than a metablog entry, which would be blogging about blogging; it’s metablog vapourware - blogging about the possibility of blogging but then not blogging.

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