iBook blues

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the Mac and my iBook has decided to celebrate by popping its clogs.

Weird black lines suddenly appeared down the side of the screen and the computer became unresponsive. After that, every time it’s turned on, after a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes, it freezes up with more weird lines.

Luckily, it’s still under warranty. I’m sure the good people at Apple will be able to fix it up… once they sort out this "new system" they’ve put in place for repairs which required me to fax in a proof of purchase.

The timing isn’t the best: I’m off to Ireland for a few days from Thursday. If there’s one time I really appreciate my iBook, it’s when I’m travelling.

Luckily, Jessica also has an iBook (my old model). Thanks to the wonder of fast user switching, I have it all set up just like I want with all my addresses, calendars, mailboxes, photos and websites.

In fact, with fast user switching, it’ll be just like travelling with two laptops. It’ll just weigh less.

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