As the web turns

I’m back from Ireland where I had an enjoyable, if somewhat rushed, weekend of seafood, stout and song.

I returned to find over 1,000 emails waiting to be downloaded, the majority of them being spewed out by computers infected with the MyDoom virus. Windows users, for the love of God, start using some secure mail clients.

In my absence, the internet has, it seems, just carried on without me.

There’s a new version of Safari out (and very spiffy it is too), a new issue of A List Apart and two new big CSS makovers: AOL and Sprint. The Sprint redesign comes courtesy of France Rupert who’s continuing to fly the standards flag over there.

Apparently something interesting happened at the superbowl too, but I haven’t managed to figure out what yet.

It’s information overload. If I had stayed away any longer I would have run the risk of missing the funniest thing I’ve read in ages: what do real kids think of classic guitar anthems?

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