Captain Safari

As users of Apple’s web browser will be aware, Safari offers the option to display a bug reporting icon in its browser chrome. I’ve used this feature a few times and, based on the modifications in the subsequent version of Safari, here’s what I think happens when a bug report gets sent:

A siren sitting atop Dave Hyatt’s monitor begins to strobe and a klaxon begins to blare. If it’s outside office hours, Dave’s pager immediately goes off (unless he’s in his car, in which case a detailed "Incoming Browser Bug" schematic appears on his custom built Heads Up Display). One way or another, the man is alerted to the problem. He then abstains from sleep, food or any other temptations of the body until the bug is squashed and the fix is safely tucked into the next release of the browser. Only then does he allow himself a brief respite (perhaps just time enough to update his blog)… until the next bug report arrives.

Some examples:

On the first page of my CSS Based Design article, I use an animated .gif as a background image. Now, I don’t know whether it’s technically a bug that the .gif doesn’t animate when used in this way (considering the potential for abuse, perhaps it’s better if it doesn’t), but I submitted a bug report anyway.

On the Salter Cane website I make use of "small-caps" in the CSS "font-variant" declaration. It degrades gracefully for browsers that don’t understand it but it sure is a nice touch for those that do. Safari wasn’t supporting the declaration so I sent off a bug report.

In the stylesheet for the default theme here at Adactio (and most of the other themes too), I reference a couple of different potential background images for the "eycandy" <div> on every page. Only one background image will ever be needed by any one page but Safari was loading each image as soon as it read the stylesheet. While that was handy for caching images for subsequent pages, it meant that the initial page load time was just a bit too long. Time for a bug report.

The new version of Safari fixes every one of these issues.

Dave Hyatt; caped crusader of web browser development, tireless defender of web standards and eternally vigilant enemy of browser bugs.

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