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On Monday, I placed an order at the Apple Store online. The delivery time was estimated at three to seven working days. My order showed up within 48 hours.

I invested in an AppleCare Protection Plan for my iBook. It’s a good idea for desktops and an absolute must for laptops, especially given my track record.

I also got more memory for my iMac. When I ordered my iMac, I filled up the first memory slot to its maximum capacity but left the second slot free for exactly this contingency.

Normally, my iMac runs just spiffily but sometimes, when I want to run Virtual PC, I find I have to shut down PhotoShop and other applications so that it runs with a modicum of speed. Again, I went for the maximum so my iMac’s memory has now been doubled from 512K to 1GB.

Lastly, I ordered iLife ‘04. This was a fraction of the cost of either the AppleCare Protection Plan or the memory but it’s by far the most exciting of the three purchases.

I won’t go into too much detail about the improvements to iPhoto and iMovie but both applications feel a lot zippier and have some very handy new features. I’m particularly excited about the capability of iMovie to record straight from iSight.

The jewel in the crown of iLife, though, is undoubtably GarageBand.

Excuse the pun, but this application seriously rocks. I opened it up just to have a quick peek at the interface but within five minutes I had put together a coherent, if somewhat cheesy, piece of music.

Using GarageBand is extremely intuitive. That gives it edge over the more powerful, more expensive, commercial recording software. What also sets it apart is simply how much fun it is to use.

Don’t be surprised if this site gets a little neglected in the near future. I may be spending a significant amount of my waking life playing with GarageBand. I’ll resist the urge to post my juvenile musical dabblings up here.

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