I took a trip on Friday to see the good folks over at Motionpath.

Their new office is in deepest, darkest Kemptown. That entailed a pleasant walk, taking in the sights of that end of town: delis, music shops, members of Supergrass.

Anyway, I had nice little tour of the new Motionpath office. They’ve got the place fitted with all the mod cons, most importantly Wi-Fi. Just about everyone there has a nice desk, an ergonomic chair and dual monitors.

Looking at the Matix-like increase in productivity that comes with having dual monitors, I was wishing there was some way I could use my iBook screen together with my iMac.

Well, wish no more. Todd Dominey points to an incredible little OS X app called Teleport.

Technically, it’s not the same as dual monitors. Instead, it allows you to contol two computers from the same input devices. So, you move the cursor to the edge of one screen and, voila!, it appears over on the other.

It’s like magic. Free beta magic.

I guess it’s not for everybody but if, like me, you have a desktop machine and a laptop, this is perfect.

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