We'll always have Paris

I’m back from my weekend in Paris.

It was, as always, charming, impressive and quite lovely. Paris conveys that feeling of having centuries of history bound into every building and street in much the same way as London.

On our last visit to Paris, Jessica and I went with the medieval vibe, visiting the Museum of Medieval History and delving into the catacombs. This time, seeing as we were staying in Montparnasse, a district frequented by artists fond of drinking coffee and people watching, we decided to go relatively modern and visit the Museum d’Orsay.

Of course, we still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to step into Notre Dame and St-Germain-des-Pres.

It was a culinary, as well as a cultural, trip. We had our eclairs, croissants, steak frites, cheeses, escargots, oysters and assorted seafood.

Actually, we probably should have stopped before getting to the seafood. Jessica picked up a tummy bug that was probably caused by the immense platter of shellfish we ordered at La Coupole (this was after we had already eaten in the cosy, medieval surroundings of La Coupe Chou).

The tummy bug made the journey back to Brighton something of an ordeal for Jessica. Trying to fly out of Charles De Gaulle airport is a nightmare at the best of times: it’s certainly not something to attempt whilst feeling nauseous. I don’t want to sound like Jakob Nielsen, but that airport is a usability nightmare.

Anyway, tummy bugs and crappy airports aside, a great time was had. The hotel was great (although it did have the world’s smallest lift), the weather was good and Paris was, well… Paris.

If you feel like taking a virtual stroll along the Seine, here are some pictures of my weekend in Paris.

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