Movie shorts

Here are a couple of amusing little films to close the end of the working week:

Red Alert is a spoof documentary that takes you behind the scenes with the designer of the Homeland Security colour coded Simple Simon terror threat level.

Channel 4 is planning to air an ad featuring a bunch of celebrities saying their favourite swear words. Very naughty.

The Exorcist in 30 seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies) is exactly what it says.

What if, in the future, we had portable devices for interactive movies? Maybe it work something like this fictional iPod 3.

Speaking of movies, here’s a WiKi filled with common narrative tropes and idioms found in TV and film, the Big No for example:

“The moment when a character notices that something awful is about to happen, dives or runs or jumps to prevent it, and (almost always) shouts “Nooooooo.” A slow-motion effect is usually employed to draw out the tension of the moment, sometimes to the point of drawing out the “No” into a comical bass growl.”

I even added an entry: the Spinning Paper.

I’m sure Garth Marenghi must be using that WiKi for all his best ideas.

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