Into the west

I’ve been pretty busy lately and not just with web-related stuff.

My band, Salter Cane, played a concert in London on the weekend. We’ve also been in the studio. Feel free to download the fruits of our labour, distributed with a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

I’ve also been schmoozing with my fellow geeks. There was a SkillSwap event last night on OS X. The geekiness continued afterwards at one of Brighton’s free Wi-Fi enabled pubs.

Mostly though, I’ve been working. When I’m not doing paid work, I spend my time working on my vapourware Content Management System.

I say "working on". Actually I mean "thinking about".

I say "thinking about". Actually I mean "playing Unreal Tournament".

Anyway, all procrastination and no play makes Jeremy a dull boy. So I’m skipping town for a few days.

I’m off to the oul’ country. My brother-in-law, Jeb, just flew in from Seattle. Tomorrow, we’re heading off to Ireland: myself, Jessica, Jeb and Jeb’s friend, Justin.

Once we get there, the plan is to rent a car and head in a general westerly direction. We’ll only have a few days but I’m hoping we can hit all the best spots: Galway (for the music), West Clare (for the cliffs), Dingle (for everything about Dingle) and Cork (for the pints).

I’m bringing my camera and I intend to use it.

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