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iTunes 4.5 was released earlier this week.

The upgrade has some nifty new features but most of the music store features don’t apply to me: I’m a humble European, unable to hand over my money to legally download songs.

Is it any wonder that people use file-sharing software?

One of the features I can use, however, is the ability to publish playlists on the iTunes music store. It’s a feature that’s bound to appeal to anyone who could relate to High Fidelity.

I decided to give it a whirl and I put together a little playlist. I give you songs from the web:

"Every one of these songs was downloaded over the internet but not through the iTunes Music Store and not through file sharing software: they’re all available free and legally directly from the artists’ websites."

If you like the songs, and you live in the States, you can buy them through the iTunes music store. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to visit the websites and go to the concerts by My Morning Jacket, British Sea Power, Okkervil River and others.

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