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Please excuse me while I have a little grammar rant. In the space of one day I have seen the words "resource" and "author" used as verbs.

This is from the Brighton New Media mailing list:

"We have some PHP work available (maximum 3.5 weeks) that we need to resource."

For the record, the entry for "resource" lists five definitions, all of them nouns.

This is from Digital Web:

"Richard Rutter has authored a great post about How to size text using ems."

I’m not arguing about the claims of greatness for Richard’s post (he uses the same techniques as I do for defining font sizes). It is indeed a great piece of writing. That’s writing… not authoring.

While I’m on my soapbox, indulge me while I bring up another recurring annoyance.

The word "definite" is spelled D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E. There is no A in definite. Likewise, "definitely" has a complete paucity of the first letter in the alphabet.

I’ve noticed something recently that’s almost as annoying as seeing "definately" and that’s seeing the word "defiantly" in place of "definitely". See what happens when you rely on an automated spellchecker?

Finally, here’s a gentle reminder: "disinterested" means unbiased and impartial. It does not mean uninterested. For example, juries should be disinterested but not uninterested.

Curses! I’ve been tricked into using "not uninterested" in a sentence instead of "interested". That’s almost as bad as "not dissimilar". And now I’ve gone and used an exclamation mark. Not to mention starting a sentence with the word "and". Not to mention starting writing two sentences beginning with "not to mention".

I’d better proof-read this very, very carefully before I post it.

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