A host of problems... again

Notice a few things missing around here?

I mentioned the other day that I was having problems with my current host, Web Serve Pro. They are entrusted with housing of Adactio, The Session and Salter Cane. They used to be a really great hosting company, providing good service and excellent support.

I wrote about how I’m planning to move my sites to Segment Publishing, about whom I’ve heard nothing but good things.

That post, along with a few others, is now gone. The conspiracy theorist in me would like to concoct a suitably mischievous motive but never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by incompetence.

Before the past few days’ postings disappeared, this site (along with Jessica’s) was down for half a day. Whenever I called to get updates I was told this was due to the server having “hardware problems”.

When the sites came back online, everything had been rolled back by about four days.

One of the services that Web Serve Pro claims to provide is daily server back-ups. Clearly, this is a lie.

As it turned out, the “hardware problems” (and presumably the earlier “network problems”) were due to the company physically moving office. If it had been told that earlier, I would have been more diligent in making my own back-ups.

So I’ve lost a few days of postings. They weren’t any great pearls of wisdom but I know that at least one of them had been linked to from elsewhere. I am, against my will, guilty of link-rot. For that, I apologise.

Hopefully, the move over to Segment Publishing will go smoothly and these problems will soon belong to the past. Jessica is already in the process of moving her professional site. This has all been very wearying and disheartening and the only comfort I can take is that I can pass on my pronouncement to future googlers of this phrase:

Web Serve Pro sucks.

Addendum: as I was in the process of writing this, Adactio went down yet again. My pronouncement stands.

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