On Her Majesty's Secret Sea Power Service

It seems that a number of the bigger Brighton-based bands haven taken to giving quirky, secretive concerts lately.

Supergrass played last week. The only way to get tickets was to go to one local record shop and pre-order their forthcoming compilation by slapping down a deposit of a fiver. Two concert tickets were provided with every album ordered. That’s pretty good value: a free gig with every album. I thought about going to the record shop and pre-ordering the album but by the time the notion entered my head, all the tickets were long gone.

Clearlake also played last week. There was no cover charge. They played in a bar about fifty yards from my house. It was, geographically speaking, like having a band play in my living room.

Earlier this week, Richard sent me an urgent communication via iChat. He informed me that a speedily sent email could secure a place at a British Sea Power concert in the local diminutive venue, The Freebutt. A musical flash mob, if you will. I sent my email and prompty informed Jessica.

That’s how it came to pass that Richard, Jessica and I spent last night squashed into the hot, sweaty confines of The Freebutt listening to British Sea Power turn their amps up to eleven.

I would like to buck this trend for secrecy by announcing with plenty of advance notice that Salter Cane will be playing on Wednesday, June 16th at Po Na Na on East Street, Brighton. Feel free to tell everyone.

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